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Welcome to Boogie Down Movies in Thanet

Boogie down movies was born out of our desire to make the kind of movies we would want to see!

We are independent film makers based in Margate in Kent founded in 2009.

Boogie down movies welcomes any investment, either financially or skill based and any general interest.


Simon Roser on 07912 992 432



Who Are We?

Boogie down movies is the brainchild of writer /producer/director team Simon Roser and Mick Lucas. The Margate based duo have been writing since 1992.

Having travelled widely and worked with disaffected young people for many years. The experiences they have encountered have shaped their somewhat distorted view which they portray through the lens.

They cite a diverse collection of writer/ directors as their influences these include Allan Clarke, Nick Love , Stanley Kubrick , Alfred Hitchcock , Sergio Leone and Dario Argento.

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With the UK gripped by recession young people are being faced with more and more difficult choices just to get by, Micky's options are limited and the choice he makes effects those closest to him, Hannah his long term girlfriend and her brother, his best friend Sonny.

Ta Ta then is an evocative story of sacrifice, friendship and love.


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Up And Coming Projects


DIGITStudents Greg and Glen have a problem with society and through their notorious website SHOWCRIME they carry out criminal acts of retribution against those they deem as lowlife and beam the images across the internet to a growing number of fans.

The stage is set in a mobile studio in the back of a hired van for their next feature ,where they plan to abduct a homeless man.

Greg and Glenn find their new star but when the cameras start to roll their plans slowly come to a terrifying conclusion as the true identities of the three men are revealed.

How far would you go to become an internet star?



MARGATE ROCKA mothers love will allow her to make a decision to protect her sons. Mick is the foster son to recently widowed Ros who lost her husband in a fatal accident and Mick lost the only man he would call dad.

In this unlikely family set up Ros also has two adopted sons. Darren who is beginning to make enemies with local drug dealers and Simon who is forging a hapless career as a petty criminal.These circumstances force Ros to seize an opportunity, which will take Mick and her two wayward sons away from their dysfuncional inner city lives to the golden sands of Margate.

When history catches up with them and the last person Ros wants to see arrives on the scene with unfinished business, how far will her sons go to protect her? 
A touching yet violent coming of age tale culminates on a night of strippers,bouncers and murder beside the seaside .....beside the sea.